The open space adventures

Frodo and Sammy always have a blast in the open space close(relatively) to our place. We went there during golden hour so I can use my camera and sharpen my rusty photo skills. I forced myself to use the manual mode so I can start understanding(or understand for the first time:P) the F stops and shutter speeds.I had to control the urge to edit these photos because I just love playing with Photoshop. I like them as they are and wanted to upload them in their original state.

Their usual adventure goes like this…..First,they check out the situation before they start their mischief.

Frodo and Sam

Focal Length: 100mm Aperture: f/5 Shutter Speed: 1/1600s Exposure Comp.: +1.0EV

Then they head their own way to sniff, meet other dogs and run around

Frodo and Sam2

Focal Length:    62mm. Aperture:    f/5. Shutter Speed:    1/1600s. Exposure Comp.:    +1.0EV

Eventually, they realize there is no playmate like the other. This is how they show love…..Sammy chases Frodo and they wrestle.

Focal Length:    55mm. Aperture:    f/5.6. Shutter Speed:    1/500s. Exposure Comp.:    +1.0EV

They do their gangster walk back to the car all tired out from all the running around


Focal Length:    135mm. Aperture:    f/5.6. Shutter Speed:    1/640s. Exposure Comp.:    +1.0EV

Yellow Stone National Park

Day 4:

We met this retired couple from Seattle at breakfast who seemed to be on a long road trip. They gave us some pointers for Yellowstone since we only had a day in the park.

Yellowstone National Park:
It was amazing! It was huge and had so many cool features. We decided to hit the Geysers first.


Old Faithful : This shoots water about 100 feet in the air every 50 minutes (+/- 10). Everyone was gathered around and waited patiently for the “event”. Then it happened!And everyone went “click click click”

DSC_0497 DSC_0497 DSC_0498DSC_0498 DSC_0500

Then I overheard the conversation between two girls sitting next to me (probably 5 and 10)
5 yr old: I am taking a mental picture “Click” and now I am sharing it with you
10 yr old to grandma (Who wanted to take a picture of the two of them with the Old faithful in the background): No. Let me just watch this. It is so cool

I put down my camera, just held Gokul’s hand and watched the old faithful do its magic. I am sure the girls will probably change their minds and be selfie obsessed in a few years (or maybe not) but that convo made me make a conscious effort to view wth my eyes more than my viewfinder for the rest of the trip. I love photos and am not going to stop taking pictures but I need to remember to maintain a balance.

We stopped at few more spots that we picked from the map(There was no way we could have seen all of Yellowstone in a day).

DSC_0550 DSC_0542

DSC_0586 DSC_0576

One of our last stops was going to be the Petrified tree which sounded so cool. On our way there, there was a traffic jam and that told us there was some animal and people were stopping to take photos. Then , we saw a Black bear for the first time. She (guess.. 50% chance of being right :)) was so cute.She was chewing on some flowers and just minding her own business. I switched to my zoom lens and took some photos and hopped back into the car and drove away. Then, I realize my camera was set for another lighting and all my photos were blank. Arrrggg.. I was frustrated but not too much because the bear was too far away for even my zoom lens to get anything good. But,that was not the last bear we saw. We couldn’t see the petrified tree because there was a bear on the path. People were still continuing to go (Fools!). Thankfully, a ranger came and called them to get back on the road. People really need to leave wild life alone. Bears if they feel threatened are not the sweet Teddy Bears we have on our kids’ beds.You leave them alone and watch them from far and they do look and act sweet and cuddly.
After the stupid people got back on the road, we saw a group of horse riders come back from the trail. They had to cross the bear on their left to get back on the road. The leader seemed to know what she was doing. She just kept talking and moved at a steady pace. I was nervous for the people at the back, but the bear did not even look at them. He was just happy eating his flowers. So adorable!!
After this drama, we saw another bear on our way out of the national park. Yay. Bear count =3 DSC_0612 DSC_0615

I loved Yellowstone and will definitely go back.

We went back to the hotel exhausted from the day’s adventures. We found an indian buffet nearby (thank you hotel wifi) and went there for dinner. It was a cute little house that had been converted into a restaurant. Food was okay but I was surprised to see Indians in Montana. Guess we are everywhere :)
We then drove around Bozeman downtown ,went back to hotel and crashed.

Day 5:

We met the Seattle couple at breakfast again. I had told her how I hate sweet oatmeal and that is all they had at the breakfast table. She had brought me instant plain oatmeal from her stash and some indian spices to add to it. How sweet is that!!! Kindness from strangers always warms my heart. She wanted me to eat 2 because I would get hungry too quickly otherwise. Awwww!

Our plan was to stop at Devils Tower on our way back to Denver. Devils Tower was an interesting natural formation.


This place remains spiritual to the Native Americans. We found many of these clothes tied to trees. I am not sure of their significance but reminded me of the traditions in India to tie things to Trees in some temples.


We realized how close we were to South Dakota and decided to go to the border again. lol. We’ve been to Mount Rushmore and Cluster Park before but thought it would be cool to have touched 4 states in 5 days. On our way to Idaho we passed a town called Aladdin which is for sale! lol

20150628_171952 20150628_172028 20150628_172118

We saw more wild life on our drive back home on a state highway.Photos will be up or would have been up on my Instagram depending on when you check the account :)

The rest of the journey was pretty uneventful and we finally came back home after a long day at around 2 AM

Can’t wait for our next adventure!


Day 3: Coram,MT to Bozeman ,MT 322 miles

It was soooo hard to get off the cozy bed at our glamping site. We somehow managed to get ready and bid goodbye to Coram,MT.

We haven’t had data or WiFi for 2 days at this point. I did not miss it that much until we needed it to find food on our way. We usually just do a quick fast food stop on the highway but not all fast foods cater to us (vegetarian and vegan) and we were driving through scarcely populated states so we would go miles before we saw a McDonalds (This is probably what is the most popular franchise on the highway). Thankfully we had snacks to keep us going till we reached a decent sized town called Missoula,MT. We had fresh tasting burritos at Taco Del Sol. Again, I was surprised to see a veggie option. I guess
vegetarianism has caught up in the US.


After that, the plan was to go straight to Bozeman to our motel.We were looking at our maps (Yes..we were using the Atlas and some printouts because still no T-Mobile data) and saw how close we were to the Idaho border.Neither of us had ever been to Idaho so we decided to just drive to the border. We took the LoLo Pass to get to the border. It was a scenic one lane road. We went into the visitor center to check out some exhibits. They had very interesting exhibits on the history of the place- about Lewis and Clarke’s expedition into this side of the country and the Indian Chief Joseph etc. We met a man Tom
who looked like he worked there who told us some interesting stories about the Native Americans of Idaho.Of course we got the “You guys are Indian too…. Just different tribe” .lol.

20150626_134101   20150626_135054 20150626_141330

He told us that there are copies of Lewis and Clarke’s original journal in all public libraries. I definitely want to find them.
I saw these books in the visitor center there and it made me think about how isolated the Native Americans are from the rest of America(because I don’t see much of their literature in the libraries). Did they want it to be that way? I don’t know . My only insight into their lives in present day America is through 2 of Sherman Alexie’s books. I definitely want to know more about their history….this thought always makes me think I really need to know my own history because I don’t remember anything I learned in school. Also, I guess I was too young to care about history then.

After the interesting talk with Tom, we did the obligatory border selfies and went back to our route to Bozeman.

Our rental Kia has not given us any problems so far (even if it is not the best car for passing other vehicles or on slopes) but as soon as we pulled into our motel it started making some weird noises. We freaked out a little given how neither of us knew how to fix cars if this happens again when we are back

on the road. So we exchanged our Kia and got  VW Beetle.. woo hoo. I have always thought the Beetle is super cute and was excited to drive one. And the Beetle has a great engine so it was actually great to drive it.

We were starving and decided to just stop at some place where we think we’ll get some food. We could not search for local joints because we still had no INTERNET!!! How did we all live before cellular data??!??. We went to an Olive Garden. I had a new type of wine(new to me) called Chianti that I quite liked and ordered the DIY pasta. (Vegan tip #3:Olive garden does not have any dressing without dairy but you can ask for Olive oil and vinegar as a dressing and make your salad vegan)

After the dinner, we were too tired and full to do anything but sleep.

Next stop: Yellowstone National Park

Glamping and Glacier National Park

Wow! My last post was 3 years ago!!!

I have dusted my DSLR and decided to revive my blog again. I am on a leave of absence from work (waiting for my work visa to come through) and think this is the perfect time to get back to taking photos. My husband and I planned a long fun road trip for this time off but the unusual amount of rainfall we’ve had in Denver this year seeped into the basement.Sigh. Thankfully we were able to do atleast a quarter of the trip that we planned. I was going to post live on Instagram (oh I have a new Instagram account:studiojangram) and on my blog at the end of each day (Travel blog style) but T-Mobile sabotaged that with this text.
Screenshot_2015-06-28-08-08-49Apparently.T-Mobile only allows 10 MB of roaming data… 10 MB??? That is nothing. We were driving through Wyoming and Montana both of which did not have T-Mobile coverage so that lasted me 30 minute, s after we crossed the Colorado border. I am changing plans or just switching to some other network.

This is the map of our plan. We made few detours (more on that later).
RoadTrip route

Day 1: Denver,CO to Coram,MT 973 miles
We woke up at 2:30 AM (not it is not a typo…. I really meant AM) and left the house around 3:30 AM. We had rented a car from Avis Budget and they gave us a Kia Rio. This was the first time either of us had driven a Kia. It was just what we expected…very okay :). The drive was beautiful. We talked a lot ,

listened to audiobooks (How to be a woman by Catlin Moran and How google works) , sang along to our music and slept….typical road trip stuff. Wyoming isthe state the leas t population density (or population) and you could really see that. We were supposed to stop at Casper,WY for brunch but totally missed it because it was so small (and we weren’t paying attention to the signs).

We stopped for brunch at a Jimmy John’s (Vegan tip 1: the #6 without the cheese and mayo is still a good sandwich because it has guac. If I get JJ in Denver, I usually bring it home and add vegan mayo and it is really yummy) and for dinner in Great Falls,MT . Dinner was at Pita Pit. This is either a Montana chain or it is there in other states and I don’t know about it. This was a pleasant surprise because they had some veggie wrap options. It was a surprise because I expected Montana to be very “Wild wild west” and all about the steak.


We finally made it to our “Glamp” around 7 PM. We stayed at this place called glacier under canvas. This was so awesome. Our tent was huge with a king size bed, fireplace and a sitting area in front of the fire.

glampGLamp Bed siting area







We were told that we could see the aurora borealis at 11 PM so we were excited and went to the camp fire for the viewing party but either it was too cloudy to see anything or the aurora borealis changed its mind, nothing happened at 11 PM. We waited for a while ,then gave up and went to bed.

Day 2: Glacier National Park
The bed in our glamp was so cozy and comfortable. We got ready and went to a nearby spot for breakfast. Then, we went to buy bear spray. For those of you who don’t know what that is…It is like pepper spray for bears that you use only in emergency situations.We felt like there was a lot of literature and warnings about bears in Montana that we do not see so much in Colrado. But, Colorado has only the slightly friendlier Black bear and no grizzlies. We decided to get a spray just in case because we thought we would do short hikes in the national park. We got a lot of mixed instructions on how to deal with bears. I am in no way an expert. I am just going to list all the things we heard from different people.

General hiking etiquette in Bear Country:
Avoid hiking alone.
Keep the conversation going because Bears don’t want confrontations. They will hear you and move away.

IF you encounter a bear,
DO NOT make eye contact. They’ll see that as a sign of aggression

Black bear: Walk backwards talking in monotone and slowly walkaway
Grizzly: Play dead ( This sounds soooooo scary)

After our little shopping trip, we drove to the national park. Montana is gorgeous. I think Montana=Colorado+Washington….Lotta mountains,lakes and evergreens.

























































In the national park, we just stopped at In the national park, we just stopped at different look out spots. We did two short hikes to see some water falls. The trees were so cool and smelled soooo good in our hikes.


Bridge Cedar trees cool tree










We saw few glacier-like things but it could have been just snow fields. Apparently, the glaciers are all going to be gone by 2030 so anyone wanting to see glaciers should get on it before they are gone! I cannot believe some people still deny global warming.


We saw so many retired couples doing road trips. Gokul and I wanna be like them when we are old. We met some people who were from Colorado and whose daughter lives in our neighborhood. Small world!!


Day 2 ended with no wild life encounters. We got some beer and Pizzas (Vegan tip #2: The veggie pizz without cheese but with a little extra marinara sauce is pretty yummy. In good pizza places, it is really really yummy :)) and went to bed in our comfortable glamp bed.


Next Stop : Bozeman,MT

Save your city

I’ve been away way too long!
This photo was supposed to be a sequel to the bat girl photo. The joker to the batgirl!
Joker takes on the mile high city this time though :)

I started grad school and it has kept me very busy. But, I don’t wanna ignore flickr for the next two years. I wanna hold on to this side of me as much as I can.
I’ve been a lousy contact but I’ll slowly catch up on all your photostreams.

Two more edits and a close-up to show the model Lyndia’s amazing make-up job.


Batgirl Rising

Model and MUA-Lyndia

Yet another photo from my shoot with Lyndia. We hiked up a small mountain for a shoot. She had to change make-up on location quite a few times and she did a great job with it.

Another edit-

Close-u shot of the make-up

My place in this world

I did a photo on this concept a long time ago. I hated the execution and so, I decided to give it another go.
This is my second attempt at the same concept.
Model and MUA-Lyndia

I wanted a haunting feel to the photo so tried out some new tones.

Let them fly free

Model and MUA-Lyndia

I am back home in India and it feels good. My trip so far has been hectic. Today is my first day to chill at home and I thought I’ll upload and also check out what all my contacts have been upto on flickr.
Time to eat some mangoes and check out all your streams :D

Weekly photo challenge : Hands

Model and MUA-Lyndia

It has been forever since I logged into wordpress. I’ve been shooting but for some weird reason I have been putting off uploading.I guess I am reaching new levels of laziness. :)

I shot with a model who is also a Make-up artist last week. She was easy to work with and very co-operative. I had a blast shooting with her. I also learned that I really need to start carrying a reflector to shoots because the Colorado sun is extremely harsh!

I have an exciting week ahead of me. A road trip to Dallas and then a long vacation in India. Yay :)

More from this shoot coming up in the next few days.


This is an old photo that I just got around to editing.
I am glad the days of heavy jackets and ear muffs are over!Dressing in layers to step out is what I hate the most about winter.
I hope the sunshine and warm weather we ‘ve been having stays !


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