Save your city

I’ve been away way too long!
This photo was supposed to be a sequel to the bat girl photo. The joker to the batgirl!
Joker takes on the mile high city this time though :)

I started grad school and it has kept me very busy. But, I don’t wanna ignore flickr for the next two years. I wanna hold on to this side of me as much as I can.
I’ve been a lousy contact but I’ll slowly catch up on all your photostreams.

Two more edits and a close-up to show the model Lyndia’s amazing make-up job.


Batgirl Rising

Model and MUA-Lyndia

Yet another photo from my shoot with Lyndia. We hiked up a small mountain for a shoot. She had to change make-up on location quite a few times and she did a great job with it.

Another edit-

Close-u shot of the make-up

My place in this world

I did a photo on this concept a long time ago. I hated the execution and so, I decided to give it another go.
This is my second attempt at the same concept.
Model and MUA-Lyndia

I wanted a haunting feel to the photo so tried out some new tones.

Let them fly free

Model and MUA-Lyndia

I am back home in India and it feels good. My trip so far has been hectic. Today is my first day to chill at home and I thought I’ll upload and also check out what all my contacts have been upto on flickr.
Time to eat some mangoes and check out all your streams :D

Weekly photo challenge : Hands

Model and MUA-Lyndia

It has been forever since I logged into wordpress. I’ve been shooting but for some weird reason I have been putting off uploading.I guess I am reaching new levels of laziness. :)

I shot with a model who is also a Make-up artist last week. She was easy to work with and very co-operative. I had a blast shooting with her. I also learned that I really need to start carrying a reflector to shoots because the Colorado sun is extremely harsh!

I have an exciting week ahead of me. A road trip to Dallas and then a long vacation in India. Yay :)

More from this shoot coming up in the next few days.


This is an old photo that I just got around to editing.
I am glad the days of heavy jackets and ear muffs are over!Dressing in layers to step out is what I hate the most about winter.
I hope the sunshine and warm weather we ‘ve been having stays !

Back to origins

According to Hinduism, crows are our ancestors . I’ve heard this being mentioned many times while growing up in India.
I do not claim to have much knowledge about the stories behind all this, so what follows is just my imagination……If we came from crows, I imagine that we probably fly to the heavens as crows when we die.I imagine that Yama(God of death) captures our souls and sets us free on a wide open field.
Ok that was some spooky imagination! :)

Back to the modern world :) I am going to watch a car racing event today. Excited!! :)

Paranormal waves

This is a spot on the trail that I’ve walked past many times . I remember this spot because my husband is a transmission line engineer and always stops to look at these lattice towers Yup! I know what they are called because he bores(oops educates) me with his lectures on power and transmission lines :)
While he does that, I go into my fantasy world and imagine aliens sending us(by us, i mean only me:P) signals and enlist me to save the world :D

I just finished watching paranormal activity 3. I quite liked it. It was scary!!


The past few weeks have been weird. I’ve been sick of my 365 and photography. So much that I did not even take my camera along when people came to visit us! I never do that :(
I am torn between not wanting to let this 365 ruin my love for photography and not wanting to give up.
Maybe it is not giving up . Maybe it is about realizing that I shouldn’t treat photography like the other parts of my life where there are rules, deadlines and commitments. Maybe it should be just about doing what I love when I want to.
Maybe it is about realizing that while this project pushes some towards giving their best, I want to shoot by impulse.
While I write this I am realizing how I can no longer call my 365 a 365 because I’ve missed way too many days to catch up :) .I am glad I started it though. It gave me a sense of purpose and fulfillment when I needed one badly. I was very enthusiastic at the start and did get some photos that I love and am proud of.
Anyways, think it’s time I stopped my rant :)

Yesterday, I had this sudden urge to take a photo. I biked to a spot that I had in mind and took this.
It has been so long since I did a self portrait without my husband or Frodo with me. I was shy all over again :) I’ve realized it is the model part that makes me conscious. I couldn’t care less about who is watching when I am just behind the camera :)

I stumbled upon this show called “Art star” ,but couldn’t watch it. Anyone seen it? Is it good?

Rain on me

Day 89/365

Some behind the scene shots

Frodo staring at me setting up the tripod


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