The past few weeks have been weird. I’ve been sick of my 365 and photography. So much that I did not even take my camera along when people came to visit us! I never do that :(
I am torn between not wanting to let this 365 ruin my love for photography and not wanting to give up.
Maybe it is not giving up . Maybe it is about realizing that I shouldn’t treat photography like the other parts of my life where there are rules, deadlines and commitments. Maybe it should be just about doing what I love when I want to.
Maybe it is about realizing that while this project pushes some towards giving their best, I want to shoot by impulse.
While I write this I am realizing how I can no longer call my 365 a 365 because I’ve missed way too many days to catch up :) .I am glad I started it though. It gave me a sense of purpose and fulfillment when I needed one badly. I was very enthusiastic at the start and did get some photos that I love and am proud of.
Anyways, think it’s time I stopped my rant :)

Yesterday, I had this sudden urge to take a photo. I biked to a spot that I had in mind and took this.
It has been so long since I did a self portrait without my husband or Frodo with me. I was shy all over again :) I’ve realized it is the model part that makes me conscious. I couldn’t care less about who is watching when I am just behind the camera :)

I stumbled upon this show called “Art star” ,but couldn’t watch it. Anyone seen it? Is it good?

6 thoughts on “Neptune

  1. Love the photo! And know that you were missed in the blogosphere. I think you took the wise path in taking a break and stopping the project. One should not be allowed to loose the passion over any project!

    Looking forward to future work of yours!

  2. I wonder why you entitled this Neptune?

    I also gave up on 365, for the most part. But the experiment was worth it. I learned something about putting random words together. The experience opened a door…

    Glad to see you again!

    • The 365 is tough! But, I think you’ve done really well with being regular. Keep going.
      Why I named it Neptune? This is part of my mythology series and Neptune is the god of sea. There is no sea around Colorado so I had to settle for the lil creek near my place :). I placed 13 moons around me because the planet Neptune has 13 moons.

  3. I love this photo firstly. location is so eerie :) is there any specific meaning behind the planetary display around you?

    I agree with you.. take photos when you have the urge to do it. that way it doesn’t become “taking photos for the sake of it”.. sometimes Routine can make anything dull. Anyway good to see you back!

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